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Brooke Anderson, PsyD


Whether clients are looking for support and encouragement to maximize strengths or need assistance in dealing with a wide variety of psychological issues, effective therapy begins with the formation of a relationship. I place an emphasis on meeting patients where they are, which includes taking into account environmental factors, culture, ethnicity, and family/interpersonal history. Then, collaborating together to understand goals, assets, and challenges in order to create a plan to solve problems and increase understanding. By integrating various theoretical approaches and utilizing current research from psychology and neuroscience, my goal is to provide effective individualized treatment.

I have a wide variety of training including the assessment of cognition, memory, learning, attention, and personality. I have worked with individuals throughout the age spectrum and treated patients experiencing serious and persistent mental illness, as well as more common issues, such as depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.

Rather than merely decreasing symptoms associated with a particular diagnostic criteria, effective therapy supports growth and encourages positive changes in thinking, emotional functioning, and behavioral patterns. My goal is to improve life satisfaction, increase joy, enthusiasm, and ultimately help in building a meaningful life.