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Group Therapy


Our goal is to create a brave space for Female Identified clients to process their trauma and learn skills to cope with their symptoms related to trauma.  Clients can expect to learn mindfulness, sensorimotor techniques and coping skills to support their process.

This group meets at the Tangletown office on Mondays 12-1:30pm. Please call Mackenzie Kerber at 651-348-8553 or Kelsey Sorensen at 612-871-2544 for more information.



Anger is often seen as being solely bad and harmful. Although it is true that anger can sometimes lead to negative outcomes that affect us and others, anger is a vitally necessary emotion – but we must learn how to use it and express it in effective ways. In this group, participants will learn the purpose of anger (and related emotion of guilt), how to effectively use anger in the moment, how to calm down when needed, how to release “stored anger,” and how to better communicate – both to improve relationships and more effectively meet their own needs.

This group runs on a 12 week cycle and meets at the Eagan office (E-PAC) Thursdays 5:30-7pm. Please contact Samantha Franklin at 651-348-8551 for more information or visit E-PAC's website at www.eaganpac.com.